ACT 4 of 8 — RIGHTFULLY fit. Our ECOM community speaks.
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Improved my dust allergies.
Bye, bad car smell!

My nose is extremely sensitive to dust. After using ECOM® products, I found that when cleaning the house, my sensitivity has reduced dramatically.


Also, I have installed ECOM® Car inside the family car, and I don’t smell any unpleasant odours when I open the door anymore.


Lastly, I use the ECOM® Wash for my laundry. Previously my husband’s clothes would have this musky scent 😅 that can’t be washed away. After using this product, his clothes don’t have such a smell anymore.

ALENA • Mother of 2

on ECOM® Car, E.A Mask, and Wash

ACT 4 of 8 — Alena

My sister-in-law cooks for our extended family. Recently COVID-19 led to an increase in her grocery shopping; meanwhile, our fridge has a bad odour, caused by left-over dishes. We found ECOM® Cool online, and found that it worked.

The unpleasant smell is gone. Our fruits & veggies stay fresher. We will definitely recommend!

DALSTON • Entrepreneur

on ECOM® Cool

Miki • HDFX Events

on ECOM® Car and E.A Mask

Working in events, you have to be ready to battle harsh weather conditions and external elements. Hard work reaps rewards, sweat — and well, body odours! After enduring an unforgettable experience while shuttling my crew in between external event venues, I was introduced to the ECOM® Car. It worked instantly!


I knew ECOM® can eliminate unpleasant smells caused by bacteria — but to be proven so unexpectedly, this gave me the trust and assurance of its products!


I’m now trying all the other products to keep my family protected.

Our love for design and costumes extend towards making our customers happy. That means, ensuring their health and safety when renting our products and using our in-store boutique services.


The ECOM® Virus Cleaner and BION sprays help us achieve that. Clothes stay clean and super fresh! Knowing this helps instil confidence in our talents & clients.

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