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In response to Mothership
article, posted on 7 Apr

Mamoru Marketing Pte Ltd

Exclusive distributor for ECOM products in Singapore


In response to Mothership article,
“Some people in S’pore wearing badges to ward off Covid-19 but they don’t work”

Written by Zheng-zhangxin posted on April 07, 03.54pm


At the time of posting, we have yet to receive any response from the team over at Mothership.

Extracts from our letter to Mothership

ECOM was established in JAPAN in August 2002 and the EA Mask was launched in 2010. EA Mask was not created for Covid-19 as it was launched a decade ago.


Throughout the article, EA Mask has been shown to directly and/or suggestively mislead readers.

1. On Covid-19

There are 3 mentions of Covid-19 in the article and we have not once in our communications claimed that EA Mask can cure, ward off or prevent Covid-19.


We demand your proof of evidence.


Extracts: —

Some people in Singapore wearing badges to ward off Covid-19 but they don’t work


Precautionary measure against Covid-19


Malaysiakini also reported on March 30 that Malaysia’s National Poison Centre issued a Facebook post to debunk claims that such products can ward off Covid-19 for users

2. On where these devices are marketed

The article strongly mislead EA Mask as one of “these devices”. Using “these” whereas ECOM is the only brand in the departmental store listed in the article.


[ Name of department store not listed as this is a response directly from Mamoru Marketing to Mothership ]


Extract: —

These devices are being sold online and even at high-end departmental stores such as …


3. On the suggestion that emission of chlorine dioxide can act as irritants toward the respiratory system

We demand that you scientifically establish the amount of chlorine dioxide that is needed when it becomes an irritant. EA Mask is registered with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and has been awarded Certificate of Compliance by European Certifying Organisation and within safety compliance.


Extract: —

Moreover, the ‘heath tags’ lanyards that emit chlorine dioxide can act as irritants toward the respiratory system…

4. On the suggestion that EA Masks mislead consumers that they are not required to use masks

ECOM products are being retailed at key departmental stores with safety messages prominently displayed on ECOM gondolas.


We further conduct trainings at retail level, hence, we demand proof of fact.


Extract: —

The greater concern among the authorities is that people might blindly believe in these …and even use them as substitutes for masks.

5. On misleading advertisement & 2017 study in Japan

The article leads the reader into believing that the EA Mask can work against Covid-19 and linked it to misleading advertising. It further suggested that EA Mask was one of the four brands in the 2017 Japan study.


We demand to have the research white paper and the four brands mentioned.


Extract: —

A 2017 study in Japan looked into four brand of such devices and found that the viral load in the air is similar to that found close to all devices tested, suggesting that these devices are not effective at all.

Below are some tests that were conducted by established institutions on the EA Mask. Should you need more, we are more than happy to furnish.

  • April 2012   Hygiene & Microbiology Research Center, Tokyo Japan
  • March 2013   Japan Food Analysis Center SK-Company Co. Ltd
  • Aug 2014    Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology
  • Oct 2019     Faculty of Medicine & Medical Center, American University of Beirut
  • 2019  US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States Code of Federation Regulations
  • Feb 2020    European Certifying Organization (EU)
  • March 2020  Dongguan NTEK Testing Technology Co. Ltd, China

6. Article directly misleading readers where all facts lead to EA Mask

EA Mask has pictorials that takes 55-65% of the article space and is the only brand featured in pictorial.


They are:

1 × clipped EA mask (blue) on man – repeated twice

1 × clipped EA mask (pink) on lady, eating noodles

1 × lanyard EA Bear and 2 EA Mask in Box – product pic

1 × extract pic of Takashimaya website

We demand an immediate action plan from your end on recovery and normalisation. Thank you.


Desmond Teo


Mamoru Marketing Pte Ltd

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