“It's tough to do the right thing.” — ECOM® Singapore
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It’s tough to do the right thing.

Look. Look around you.


We all judge. It is inevitable. Some people try not to; some blatantly do.


It’s clear we need to realise that sometimes — just sometimes — because of judgement, we pay the ultimate price. People would not dare to be themselves, even when being themselves can spark a light so blinding, it can change lives.


With courage and true grit, MAMORU has chosen to stand by you, fears of judgement included.


Remember that time when your intentions were noble, but were accused otherwise? Those times when people stood from afar, called you names when all you really wanted to do was to brighten someone’s day.


It’s that specific moment in life when you found it tough to just do… right. 


Simply playing small will not serve the world around you. We were all meant to shine. It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone. 


As you read on, join us in creating awareness to stop judgement and false accusations; to see the real intent of one another.


As you let your own light shine, you subconsciously give other people the motivation to do the same. 


As you stand up for yourself, liberated from the judgement, remember, your presence automatically liberates others. 




Act 2 of 8 — 15 May 2020


Act 1 of 8 — 7 May 2020

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