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What is Chlorine Dioxide and what does it do?

Chlorine dioxide is an A1 disinfectant recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Chlorine dioxide is present in ECOM products are FDA approved and have been clinically proven to kill up to 99% of bacteria, germs and fungi.



How does Chlorine Dioxide work in ECOM products?

Solid Chlorine Dioxide in ECOM products disperse into their air through a long-term slow release.



What is the difference between the EA Mask and the EA Bear?

The EA Mask and EA Bear are different variations of the same product. They have the same function and effectiveness. The EA Mask is worn as a clip-on, while the EA Bear comes with a lanyard and is worn around the neck.



Is the EA Bear Lanyard safe for children?

The EA Bear lanyard comes with a quick release feature that prevents tangling and separates upon excessive force.



How will I know when the EA mask or EA Bear stops working?

Upon opening of package and coming into contact with air, both the EA Mask and EA Bear have an effective period of up to one month.



How many times can I use the ECOM Wash?

The ECOM Wash can be used up to 120 washes.



Does the EA Mask and EA Bear work better than a surgical mask?

The EA Mask and EA Bear works harder than a conventional face mask. They release Chlorine Dioxide molecules into the air and as a results, provides a 3-dimensional coverage around the body. On the other hand, a conventional face mask only seals the face and protects the wearer from inhaling airborne bacteria. The EA Mask and EA Bear are especially useful for mothers and young children to wear because it protects them from catching diseases wherever they are. The EA Mask and EA Bear give you a 1 meter radius protection around your body when it is worn.



Are there any possible side effects of wearing/using ECOM products?

ECOM products emit Chlorine Dioxide at a rate of 0.017ppm which is way below the 0.1ppm threshold for toxic gas.